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BHB & Partners is an independent advisory firm specialising in strategy, corporate finance and operations.

While created upon the common vision and the relentless drive of our founders, the company sees itself as part of a greater ecosystem, hence our name "& Partners" standing for both our people as well as the environment of clients, allies, friends and business community as a whole with whom we thrive together every day.

As a trusted advisor to a diversified, local and international client base including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations, financial institutions, families and entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to provide our services and advice at the highest standards in complex and sensitive matters.

Our people, combining complementary skills, have gained extensive expertise and deep sector knowledge in the most demanding environments in terms of professionalism and confidentiality, each counting at least ten years of experience.

Our values reflect those of Luxembourg, our location of choice, a cultural melting-pot characterised by its size, its agility and its capacity to adapt to a fast paced and constantly changing environment.

As your partner, our mission is to give a meaningful purpose to everything we do!

About us


We help our clients to strengthen their competitive position and create sustainable value. We do so by analysing and challenging the assumptions and trade-offs they are confronted to when defining their strategy.


Some examples of assistance include:

  • Analytical review of the product or service portfolio performance and its relevance to current and future trends

  • Resource allocation analysis

  • Strategic planning process review

  • Feasibility analysis

Corporate Finance

  • CFO Services: assisting CFOs use, structure and analyse information for optimal decision making as well as guiding on the implementation of actionable improvement measures

  • Financial Analysis: gaining a clear picture and tracking performance of your business

    • current and backward-looking: analysis of historical and actual financials for pragmatic interpretation and identification of improvement levers

    • forward-looking: business planning and business modelling to support strategic decision making

    • clear and pedagogical presentations of financials and performance indicators for any stakeholder including managers, directors or investors

  • Valuation: estimating the fair value of a company or other investments ranging from plain equity and debt to more exotic instruments including derivatives, fixed-income and hybrid instruments. We have expertise on valuation related matters, whether straightforward or complex, in a variety of contexts including mergers and acquisitions, disposals, partnerships, incentive schemes, taxation or regulatory such as AIFM requirements

  • M&A (mergers and acquisitions): advising and guiding on sell-side or buy-side transactions, whether local or cross-border

  • Fundraising: advising and assisting businesses to originate funding while also counselling on capital structure across debt, hybrid, derivative and equity-linked instruments


We work side-by-side with our clients to understand their company operations and culture in order to identify meaningful opportunities throughout the supply chain that drive a greater performance.

We carry out an analysis across the supply chain functions (planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales) from the people, process and technology perspectives to gain a holistic overview of your operations and prioritise the improvement levers.


Some examples of common assistance include:

  • Diagnostics across different functions to quickly identify the priority areas of improvement

  • Process mapping, design and optimisation at operational, tactical and strategic levels (e.g. production planning, sales and operations planning)

  • Digitalisation: assistance from defining the digital transformation strategy down to supporting its implementation

  • Cash conversion cycle improvements through supplier/client terms adjustments as well as inventory analysis and optimisation

  • Lean Six Sigma methodology applied in and outside the shop floor in order to drive labour, asset and material productivity improvements


While continuous specialisation leads to significant increases in productivity and ultimately to higher standards of living globally, this trend is directly correlated to permanent development and education of the human capital throughout all sectors. In light of this, we offer a full range of made-to-measure courses covering all fields within corporate finance, financial strategy and operations.


Over the past 15 years, our team has delivered regular trainings to clients including Alternative Investment Fund Management companies, law firms, Private Equity funds, top-tier Private Bankers, CFA Program candidates as well as Luxembourg SMEs. Whether ad-hoc, on-demand sessions or a full series of training, one-to-one courses or group-training, in person or digitally, we tailor the solution you require. 


Some examples of recent training sessions include:

  • Private Equity valuation

  • Business valuation

  • Financial instruments – Step by step

  • Presentation of derivative instruments

  • Financial statements analysis

Corporate Finance

Aspiring to be your trusted advisor, BHB & Partners is dedicated to providing advice and expertise to help SMEs, corporations, financial institutions, families and entrepreneurs thrive and achieve their strategic, financial and operational objectives. We bring profound financial and industrial knowledge combined with longstanding experience to the benefit of our clients with tailored solutions on most complex and demanding operations both in Luxembourg and abroad.

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Antoine BOGGINI | +352 671 114 467

Antoine is a CFA charterholder and CAIA charterholder financial and valuation advisor with 15 years of experience in business valuations and investment decisions. Extensive experience working with SMEs, start-ups and investment fund clients.

Regular lecturer for top-tier PE clients, as well as for CFA preparatory courses.

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Philippe HEISBOURG | +352 661 712 552

Philippe is a financial advisor with 10 years plus of experience in mergers and acquisitions, company valuations, business planning and modelling as well as fundraising. Sectors covered include banking and financial services, industry, consumer products and private equity.

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Alvaro BAUDET | +352 621 401 630 

Alvaro is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Prince2 mechanical and production engineer with over 10 years experience in manufacturing, planning and logistics' pillars of the supply chain across multinational companies. Industry experience includes Consumer Products, Metals and Power.

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